About Qi

In the Chinese tradition “Qi” means life breath, the energy
that blows into our body and allows us to stay alive. Feed up your own Qi , work on your own life power, means to have a healthy and equilibrated lifetime, in harmony with the world any yourself. To diffuse the right mix of essential oils can help you to feed your heart and to get an high level of mental, physical and
spiritual well-being. For these reasons Fragrance-Designer has designed a FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER able to spread perfume in a 100% naturally way.


Easy-fitting, thanks to its small and versatile size

Can be placed onto walls;
Not heating up and consequently not damaging the precious natural raw materials which give life to a fragrance;
No harmful solvents emission;
Extremely effective;
Exclusive and elegant ecofriendly materials;
Soft blue-light equipped;
Color and Wood can be customized;


Technical features:

Power: 12 v DC
Measurements in cm: 16 x 8 x 6
Wall mounting (with optional charger)
Weight: 450 g
Atmosphere blue-light
Finish: painted steel and wood
Wood: teak, walnut, birch
Standard colors for the exterior body:
Oyster White (RAL 1013),
Pale Green (RAL 6021),
Pastel Turquoise (RAL 6034),
pastel orange (RAL 2003),
Black (RAL 9017).
sistema di incasso su scatola
tipo 503/504:

Smelling brick. Refilling fragrant.

Refilling fragrant, smelling the brick is 100% wood soaked in oil for a natural spread diffusion. The smelling brick is inserted into the slot of the perfumer Qi and has a duration of about 15/20 days depending on usage.


About the designers

Claude Petarlin (1969) and Alessandro Giannavola
(1972), architects, both master degreed at Venice University, have always been attracted by Design objects and their history. They are specialized and passioned for technology and ecological materials. For them, the use of natural and recyclable materials is
the modern design driver, which has to be enforced by ergonomic way of thinking.

Thanks to this approach they give life to simple but amazing objects for common life “ready to use”. Those are the basis for the Qi concept: the first fragrance diffuser designed to fuel your own life breath…

Eco-friendly: natural and recyclable materials
Because we care about nature. The materials that make up the Qi are no harmful substances.