Olfactive arrangement

Communication is by definition multi-sensorial: The sense of smell can capture an intense or hinted, suggestive or relaxing fragrance. Nothing better than this fragrance can lock into a memory and extend into the realms of desire, a mood or a circumstance, and the experiences that accompany them.

A shop, a hotel, an exhibit, or a restaurant come to life in the mind through the senses of touch, hearing, sight, but chiefly through the sense of smell that creates an intuitive judgment. The sense of smell has a long memory: it difficultly forgets a pleasant experience that was in harmony with our desires and feelings; smell difficultly forgets a feeling of wellbeing and of pleasure.

Living, working, studying, and relaxing are essential activities in each and everyone’s life: each activity can be bettered if it occurs in a location that has discovered it’s own apposite scent.

This is where the concept of OLFACTIVE ARRANGEMENT has its roots. It is the creation of a comforting but stimulating environment, that reflects an individual’s needs, and bears in mind that mental and physical well-being are the principal goals.
The concept is truly simple: Every human being, every house, office, working, sport, relaxation nursing, or meditative environment, has its own distinctive, appropriate fragrance. The key is to identify this fragrance, and create it.

Stores and showrooms


Style can be seen, felt and breathed in. 
Evaluating and deciding to purchase an object of prestige is easier and even more enjoyable if the environment is pleasantly scented: shopping becomes an unforgettable sensory experience.
One looks forward to returning when the memory of the experience has a good aroma.

Home, office and living places

Diesel Village

The most immediate impression we give of ourselves comes from the space where we live. The care we indulge styling our living spaces, cleaning them, organizing its spaces and its aroma say a lot about who we are. 
The aroma of our home is like the scent of our skin. 
The scent speaks to the guest, puts him at ease and most importantly creates comfort for the very person that lives the space day after day.

The right fragrance makes our guests and us feel at home, and makes our home feel good.

Hotels, spa, fitness centers


There are places devoted to the creation of pleasure, providing of comfort and the forming of exquisite flavours. Adding the perfect complementary scent to the environment multiplies the effect of this intense experience. It greets and then promises sensations of wellness, provided for instance by a good welcome, giving a start to an impeccable stay. Being well, relaxing comfortably and securely are essentials to a quality life style.
Relaxation and wellness find a new and more complete significance when experienced with all our senses. The pampering and massages become delightful, and the fatigue lessens when the air is scented freshly, healthily and enticingly. An appropriate fragrance contributes to the wellness of he who wishes to stay fit.
A fragrance only adds to this quality standard of living.



Happenings: marriages, ceremonies, product launch, fair installation, fashion shows and art exhibitions.
What is left of the memories of an unforgettable day? A fond recollection, that’s significance is entirely linked to the intensity of the experience. Nothing exalts this memory and permanently embeds it into the depths of our memories more, than the scent that accompanies it.
It is the fragrance of a moment in time.