Our fragrance says a lot about ourselves, our history, character and tastes.

He says immediately, with its notes, background, style, inclinations, temper, habits of. Leather and tobacco tell different stories from cocoa and cinnamon, mint and bergamot evoke passions away from pink and mauve, and so on ad infinitum. Why talk about the scents infinite languages, as many combinations of essences, which always, however, reveal something, a little or a lot, of those who choose .


It is thus that through the first of the senses , smell , takes shape at any time the impression of a person, he paints the picture : the notes of the scent reveal the educated or ambitious , safe or refined , eclectic or aristocratic , or a lover of the tradition of solid , bold or curious . Traits that transpire often lines and the personality of the bottle, supporting actor , but far from the appearance in each of the stories in the scent imagine .


The sense of a fragrance drawn on themselves, or who you know well, like a tailored suit , is concentrated here: the very air around us talk about what we are, presents , promises what we can offer, fixed in an unforgettable picture , transmitted from the nose to the soul, the memory of us . A fragrance that still distinguishes us and spoil us , stroking the thin pleasure, but intense, the fragrance emanate what we like to think they are. The luxury light and evanescent , the deep sense of well-being, liking the way, from the beginning, as long as we do not take measures to a new and different flavor notes .


Fragrance Designer fruga nello scrigno capiente, variegato e multicolore delle essenze di natura, individua gli aromi più vicini a ciascuna personalità, li cuce insieme con consumata maestria, secondo le misure prese al committente, e confeziona l’abito profumato più corretto, il profumo che per ciascuno meglio esprime storia, anima e immagine, racchiuso nel packaging più suggestivo.

Un procedimento che applica anche ai prodotti, alle attività, alle aziende. Tutto trova la “propria” fragranza su misura, da diffondere poi nei modi e con i mezzi più diversi e più adatti al messaggio e al pubblico: l’ultimo tocco nella missione di Fragrance Designer.