A perfume is a symphony, a fresco of carefully chosen elements that combine smoothly to create unique effects and give rise to unforgettable experiences.Fragrance Designer identifies the essences that represent who you are and the world you live in and uses them to make up your perfume. Skilfully laced into each fragrance are a series of sublime olfactory notes: top, heart and bottom.


Top notes

The ones that strike us first, and evaporate most quickly. A fresh, intriguing approach that is the fragrance’s calling card.There are no limits to the power of a perfume: it colours, fascinates, captivates, enhances, embellishes and shapes the contours of a whole universe. Picking up on a need, expressing a taste, selecting the right essences to create a world redolent of character: this is the art of Fragrance Designer. And every world has a perfume waiting to fill the air: bespoke fragrances, skilfully crafted for the individual, as well as home fragrances, olfactory arrangements and scenographies, olfactive logos and furnishings.
Tailor-made creations, each one of which is composed with just that one person, environment or brand in mind.


Heart Notes

The notes we pick up on and delight in after five or ten minutes: the very soul of the perfume, which reveals the true character of the fragrance. What does it take to give an extra-special meaning to design, architecture, fashion, wellbeing and communication? To give a heightened meaning to everyday life? It takes innate good taste, tireless research, an open approach and a sensitive nose, as well as an alert, accomplished eye, ear and mind.


Bottom Notes

Solid, warm and enveloping, they remain on and under our skin even when the fragrance they are the driving force of has begun to fade. It is the bottom notes that linger with us and make us loyal to a particular perfume.

Claudia Scattolini is the beating heart of Fragrance Designer.

Coming as she does from a long line of pharmacists from the Lake Garda area, the apothecary’s trade is in her blood, and her vocation to bring a touch of fragrance to our lives and worlds made her the first Italian to attend the EFCM Master’s course in perfumery and cosmetics taught at ISIPCA, the school in Paris founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain. In addition, she is in direct, close contact daily with the very latest in architecture, design and the fashion system. This is her world.This is the atelier your bespoke fragrance will emerge from.


Our sense of smell is the first filter that lies between us and the world.

Deeper than sight, earlier than touch, beyond hearing, it is smells that strike deepest and shape our most immediate impression, creating positive or negative associations with situations and emotions and how we remember them.
Sensations of wellbeing, beauty, gentleness and goodness, elegance, the natural and the sophisticated remain forever associated with the scent of a particular place, event or object.
Fragrances create appeal. This is why any kind of multisensory approach, introduced and enhanced by our sense of smell, proves so effective.
Creating a perfume, associating it with a product or a place and coming up with a name for it are image choices: this is what Fragrance Designer does. Fragrances go beyond marketing, stretch deeper than communication. They are instinctive, ancestral. They pull powerful triggers. On the one hand, a perfume is an intangible compound of symbols and status; on the other, it reaches down into our most ancient roots, exploring the realm of memory and the senses.
Finding the right one is the key that opens up the hidden chambers of the inner being and touches the most sensitive chords of the soul.