The fragrance explodes in it’s green top notes of bamboo knowledgeably blended with artemisia and mint leaves, with the sweetness of pear and the peculiarity of green tea, to blossom into the flowery notes of white lilly and delicate violet, and ultimately spreads itself into the refined whispers of white musk and cedar wood.


Red fruits

Juicy cherry, blackcurrant and blueberry with a sweet vanilla heart, velvet violet and a warm note of wood.


Yellow Apple

Natural and very sweet, the yellow apple with its rough peel and its sugary pulp.


Mint & Basil

Pure freshness is the must of this welcoming fragrance: an aromatic touch of basil blended with the energy of mint.


Lemon Cake

The familiar fragrance of lemon cake, with its sweet sugary crust and a tender heart: a lovely cuddle with a touch of irony.


Orange Blossom

The welcoming breeze of orange blossoms and leaves, the freshness of a citrus fruit, the delightful bouquet of star anise and cinnamon, the sweetness of vanilla; the sensual explosion of jasmine accompanied by the pride of a white rose and the cordial warmth of white musk.



Natural green notes of seaweeds blended with the friendly freshness of sea water drops.


Green field

Green expresses agreement with natural scents of cut grass, green plants, herbs, lemon, mugwort. Clean and fresh, it gives comfort and serenity.


Green Dew

Natural relax of dew drops and green moss.


White flowers

The fragrance reveals itself passionately with the powdery notes of jasmine, the sincerity of orange blossoms and the frankness of a white rose, to then disclose itself in a consensus of sweet apricot warmed up by base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and white musk.


Delicate Rose

A feminine and luxurious rose blends with mimosa flowers in a rich and sensual atmosphere of woods and Indian amber.


Bergamot Tea

Fine blend of tea, Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and sweet orange; the hearth has the elegance of rose, violet and jasmin, with white musk and cedar wood.


Secret Iris

Luxury and full of passion, the powdery notes of iris fascinates sensually.