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the IV° dimension of architecture

FDD gives life to an innovative, technically unique Fragrance Diffuser.

There’s a new fragrance in the air!

Nowadays designing an interior olfactory atmosphere can be simple, yet highly professional thanks to Fragrance Designer Diffuser.
The diffusion of the perfume in the air is achieved through a special device, specifically conceived by FRAGRANCEDESIGNER in order not to alter the distinctive features of the essential oils which compose the fragrances and in order not to have any harmful solvents fumes..

  • Through the display you can easily check the diffuser status, whether On/Off/Auto/Manual
  • You can also modify the power on/off timing with 20 different daily customizable scheduling programs at your disposal.


Innovative, technically unique

FRAGRANCEDESIGNER is your ideal partner thanks to:
FD diffuser fragrance diffuser; Custom designed perfume for any situation and place; Creation of your olfactory logo in order to give a precious touch to all your spaces.

Simple 100
Easy-fitting 100
Extremely effective 100

Fragrance Designer Diffuser
distinctive features!


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Why choose Fragrance Designer Diffuser?

Questo prodotto, come tutti gli altri è il frutto di un appassionato lavoro comune. Il segreto del profumo su misura è proiprio questo.

  • Easy-fitting, thanks to its small and versatile size.
  • Can be placed either inside furniture or onto ceiling through the use of the provided clamp system.
  • 1 Litre perfume compartment for a continuous, last-long diffusion.
  • 20 different programs for absolute freedom in adjusting time and intensity of diffusion and perception of your fragrance; remote control.
  • Slow releasing working mode in order not to heat up and consequently not to damage the precious natural raw materials which give life to a fragrance.
  • No harmful solvents emission
  • Facilmente mimetizzabile
  • Extremely effective and easily camouflaged.